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My job requires me to travel a great deal and I like the fact that I can access my medical records at all times with Medicfusion. On a recent business trip to Wisconsin I suddenly became very ill and was taken to a local hospital. I was able to provide the doctor with my medical history through the Medicfusion site. The Medicfusion records provided the doctor with a list of all of my current medications and recent illnesses which saved valuable time in determining my treatment. I highly recommend Medicfusion to all practices. It is easy to access from any computer and could save your patients life.

Medicfusion review
As a doctor, I would extremely recommend going paperless in your practice. No matter how big or small, Medicfusion will save you money and time. I have gone from a full staff to just one front office worker,myself,and my massage therapists. Unlike other systems, Medicfusion is affordable and doesn't loose contact with you after you become their customer. If you do not understand the system, Medicfusion staff will take you through training sessions called demos as often as needed. And may I say, Medicfusion is very easy to understand. After you adjust to the system, your practice can become %99.9 percent paperless. I have saved thousands of dollars with Medicfusion and if you are smart, you also could save so much by spending so little on the Medicfusion system.

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