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How to Choose the right Chiropractor for You!

If you are wondering how to choose a Chiropractor, you have come to the right place. It is this very question that helped inspire this website. There are many rumors flying around about Chiropractic in general, so sometimes it can be hard to find good information about the subject. If you are going to see a Doctor of Chiropractic about your health, then we strongly recommend that you consider the following things first:

#1) What are others saying? This is quite possibly the most important factor in making your decision. Many of the other factors we include don’t really mean much if everyone that goes to this doctor is having a horrible experience. Many Chiropractors have testimonials on their website about their services, but these should all be taken worth a grain of salt. Do you really think he/she would include a negative comment on their website? This is why we are providing our Chiropractic Directory. Not to post negative information about individual practitioners, but to facilitate unbiased feedback about each Chiropractor. Our directory allows patients to come and rate their experience with a Chiropractor. We strongly recommend you check them out before visiting their office.

#2) Credentials - There are many certifications and diplomate programs available to Chiropractors. These often appear as additional initials after the doctor’s name. For example, John Doe, DC DACBR would have a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, as well as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology. This helps you determine if the doctor specializes in any particular kind of care. If you don’t see additional initials, please call the doctor’s office to check. Visit this page for a current list of Chiropractic Diplomate Programs.

#3) Location, Location, Location - Hopefully the Chiropractor already made this an easy decision for you by being located in a convenient area, but this is definitely an important consideration. If you benefit from your visit to the Chiropractor, you will likely want to return, so consider finding someone that is close by. You can search by city in our directory, or just use the search box on the left side of this screen.

#4) Facilities - There are many things to consider about the facilities of a Chiropractor’s office. Do they have an X-ray machine for fast results? Is the place clean and free of allergens? Do they have the treatment modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, ultra sound, cold laser, etc…) that you prefer? Do they have facilities for rehabilitation of sports or work injuries? These are all good questions to ask before your visit. If you can think of other important considerations, please Contact Us today!

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