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How to inform Chiropractors about your product/service

One of our main missions here at ChiroHub is to be a consumer advocate. The consumer may be patients, or it may be chiropractors themselves. Either way, we want users to be able to see what is available to them in the chiropractic industry and to learn from what others are saying. Please keep in mind that we are NOT trying to resell your product as a distributor, rather we want to be an unbiased source for consumer research. So, if you're a manufacturer or service provider in this growing industry, how can you inform Chiropractors about your products? Here are several suggestions:

1) Get Listed - This is easy and FREE. Make sure that your products are listed in the appropriate category in our Chiropractic Product Reviews section. While you're there, check the descriptions for each of your listings to make sure they are accurate and that they include your current contact info. You can also add an image to any of these listings. Read our recent posting on how an image enhances your listing. You can also use the "search" box in the top right corner of the website, or the "advanced search" option in the left menu to find all of your products listed in ChiroHub.

2) Get Featured - This is an inexpensive way to increase your exposure on ChiroHub. Any featured listing automatically gets placed at the top of the results for any search that is done for words contained in your listing (including your contact info). This is one reason you want to use an accurate and detailed description when submitting information about your products. Featured listings also get to submit a mini press release paragraph that gets published in our "Latest News" section of the Home Page. To learn more about getting featured, please visit our Featured Listing Page.

3) Go Live with Video - Nothing is better than a live demonstration of your product. The next best thing is a video of that demonstration. Most consumers are skeptical of a sales pitch (rightfully so), but hearing from an independent third party removes that bias. We give users an honest introduction to the product using the dynamic medium of video, so this means that we reserve the right to voice our own critique of the product. If you are proud of what you have to offer, then find out how you can Submit a Product for review today!

4) Submit Articles - If you are involved in an esoteric niche market within the chiropractic industry, then you are probably acutely aware of how fragmented the industry has become. How can you educate chiropractors about your niche? How can you help them make informed decisions when comparing their options? We invite articles on these very topics. In order to protect the consumer, your name and company affiliation will be clearly stated with the article, and we reserve the right to refuse publishing any content that is overtly biased or otherwise not aligned with ChiroHub's mission. Examples might include - what to look for when shopping for practice management software, or 10 things to avoid with Practice Management consulting firms. Email us your ideas today!

5) Banner Advertisement - If you are ready to take your brand exposure to the next level, then a Banner Advertisement is a great way to accomplish this. The current banner ads can be seen in the column to your right ---------> You will notice that these same banners appear on EVERY page you visit on ChiroHub. We have almost 100,000 pages, so you get much more than just Home Page exposure. Besides, somebody has to pay for this wonderful website, it might as well be you :) Visit our Advertising Rates page to see what the current prices are.

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