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The right place to be
Here at Sherman College we believe that the body can take care of its-self regardless of the many traumas the we are being exposed to on a daily basis.The correction of vertebral subluxation allows our bodies to function in its fullest potential.Come join Sherman and help in delivering this basic right to the rest of the rest of human kind.

Happy with My Choice!
I am happy with my choice in chiropractic schools at Sherman College. If you really want to know why and how you correct subluxations, Sherman is the place for you. I am confident in the philosophy and techniques I learn here. I look forward to starting my own practice, because I know the purpose of correcting subluxations...and I know I CAN correct them. Thanks Sherman!

True chiropractic
In my time that I have spent at Sherman college, I have truly come to love chiropractic for what it is. I never knew that there was so much more to chiropractic when I first became a student. At Sherman I have become educated about the importance of a functioning nervous system and how important it is for true chiropractic to live. Sherman strives at teaching a strong chiropractic philosophy and adjusting technique. I have become strong in the chiropractic philosophy and different ways to adjust patients because of my education. I feel that Sherman is the only place where true chiropractic still lives, and I am so grateful that Sherman stands behind its mission to be the leader in bringing straight chiropractic to the world.

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