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Great Adjusting Tool
I have used the original ArthroStim for many years and would highly recommend it to others. It has allowed us to diversify our practice and treat many individuals that previously I would not. Customer service is great as well.

Awesome Arthrostim
After utilizing multiple instruments in practice such as activator, Impulse, and Pulstar, we settled on trying the Arthrostim in our practice, and were blown away by the completeness of the instrument. Not only can you change the firing rate from 1,3,6,or 12 impulses per second, you can vary the pressure manually or with an adjustment knob from 1lb to 40 lbs. We utilize it for spinal and extremity adjustments as well as soft tissue work, and patients love it. Quite frankly it works so well that we immediately purchased two more for the office. The product is excellent and we haven't had one problem with it.

I've tried most of the adjusting instruments on the market (from the spring loaded ones to the big, expensive computer interfaced ones). And my all time favorite is the IMPAC Arthrostim. It is a rugged, durable, powerful, versatile tool. I wouldn't want to practice a day without it.

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