How do I submit a Product

Our mission at ChiroHub is to inform as many consumers as we can about the Chiropractic Industry. That means Chiropractors, patients, and even students. In an effort to do so, we have created a large database of Chiropractic Products with reviews and ratings. Make sure that your products are listed in our database, so that consumers can find out more about what you have to offer. If you don't see your product, please go to the appropriate category, and click the link that says "add your listing here".



ChiroHub is now accepting Chiropractic products for review. Each product category warrants unique reviewing criteria, but typical issues covered are: functionality, price, durability, user-friendliness, availability, appearance, technical specifications, and more. The editors of ChiroHub also reserve the right to interject what aspects of the product they do or do not like.


Video Reviews

Consumers love to see the products being handled, and a video review of your product can be a great way to get exposure for your product. Whenever ChiroHub determines it is appropriate, a product may be chosen for a video review. Almost any product can be reviewed in video format.  A few examples might include - a video of us making nutritional detox shake and offering it up for taste-testing; showing the various functions of a physiotherapy modality machine; giving a walk-through for a practice management software or showcasing the bells and whistles of a new chiropractic table . Another benefit of the video reviews is that they will be added to our ChiroHub channel on YouTube and Google Video, so you will reach an even larger audience!


Submitting a Product

If you would like to submit a product to ChiroHub, please contact us for pre-approval. In addition, we will require the following items when you ship the items:

- the product in its entirety as available to the consumer

- any specifications on the product

- return shipping labels and packaging

- available literature

- Technical Support and PR contact Info

Contact Us

  • info atchirohub dot com
  • 208.503.3742
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