Natural Latex - Rocky Mountain Mattress Awarded ChiroHub Seal

We have had a lot of requests to do reviews on mattresses, as this is an important topic for chiropractors.  With our concern for spinal alignment and decreased stress on joints, we want to make sure that we recommend a mattress to our patients that is both supportive and comfortable.  There are a lot of options out there - spring, gel, air, water, memory foam, latex, and more.  While many of the newer mattresses can provide a quality night of sleep, we believe that memory foam and latex rise to the top, with latex ultimately taking home the prize.  We have detailed out our decision in a video review posted on our YouTube channel - watch our Natural Latex Mattress Review now!

RMM YouTube thumb There are quite a few different companies out there offering these latex mattresses, but we wanted to find a company that offered 100% All Natural Latex material, was based in the USA, and had superior consumer research and support.  We were so impressed with Rocky Mountain Mattress, that we gave them our official ChiroHub Seal of Approval. This means customers can buy with confidence.  We aren't quick to give this award out, so Rocky Mountain Mattress has gone above and beyond our expectations.  They even sent us samples of the various foams to use in our in-house review.

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