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There is no question that you need a website for your chiropractic clinic. The only real question is - who will build this website for you?  You could try building it yourself, but that is a steep learning curve that you don't have time for when trying to maintain a successful practice.  Besides, do you want the first impression of your business to be a Mickey Mouse website that looks like it was done by a sixth grader? If you're looking for a professional web design firm, look no further than Epic Marketing Team

Here are a few of the advantages of working with us:


Not only are ALL of our websites built ready for search engine marketing right from the start, but we offer stellar Internet marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to bring you new patients!  That means no more spinal screenings or ineffective advertising.  The research is clear that most patients search for services on the Internet prior to making a decision.  A quality Internet marketing campaign taps into these patients.  Some websites are getting as many as 2-3 new patients per week.

To avoid any conflict of interest, and to maintain excellent customer service, we are limiting our clients to one per zip code, and a maximum of 50 Premium Website Clients.  This means you get exclusivity in your area as well as the individualized attention you deserve.

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No Contracts
That's right, no contracts! We are confident enough in our web design services that we aren't going to lock you into a long contract.  We want satisfied customers that refer other quality clients, so we work to earn your business

 Built by Chiropractors
One of the difficulties with hiring a specialized firm for a custom chiropractic website is that they don't understand the nuances of the industry. Because our company was founded and is currently run by chiropractors, you get help from someone who knows and understands your needs as a chiropractor.


You want a website built by someone who has experience in both web design and Internet marketing. Dr. Noah Edvalson graduated in marketing and worked as an Internet Marketing Consultant prior to entering chiropractic school.  We have built and currently maintain several very prominent websites:


ACA Sports Council
Boise Chiropractor

Unless you want your website to be a cookie-cutter website that looks almost exactly the same as all your competitors, then you need someone who will build a unique website that is tailored towards your techniques, philosophy, and specialties. Our websites are built with you in mind, thus bringing more qualified patients to your clinic.

Our website design packages are competitively priced. A new website will only cost you the equivalent of the lifetime value of about two patients!  Our marketing packages offer a satisfaction guarantee and often pay for themselves within just a few months.


Are you ready to get going with your own chiropractic website today?  Just click the link above, or if you have questions,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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