PEMF-120 Product Review by ChiroHub

PEMF-120 Seal ApprovalWe are excited to announce the publication of our latest ChiroHub Video Product Review.  The PEMF-120 has exceded our expectations and become the most recent recipient of the coveted ChiroHub Seal of Approval.   This award is given to products and services that we feel have the potential to elevate the level of care rendered in your chiropractic office to a whole new level.  

Check out our YouTube video to learn more about why the PEMF-120 is such a powerful device. 

PEMF-120 YouTube Screenshot

 PEMF offers the following therapeutic effects:

- Increased circulation

- Pain reduction

- Speeds up healing time

- Heals fractures

- Increases ATP production in cells

- Helps address emotional issues like depression/anxiety

- and much more...  


The PEMF-120 is a high output device offering a maximum intensity of 20,000 gauss (2 Tesla)!  This means you will see dramatic results in your patient outcomes in a short amount of time.  The pulse rate varies from <1 to 50 pulses per second.  

For more information on PEMF technology and the PEMF-120, please visit Dr. Pawluk's website.  


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