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In order to be successful student, it is important for you to have the right resources.  One thing we have done at ChiroHub to help you, is compile a list of recommended books .  These are good companions for studying, and they will serve you well when you are practicing in the field. 


Prospective Students


Are you thinking about attending Chiropractic School?  There are many things you should do prior to enrolling to make sure that this is the right profession for you.  One of the best things you can do is talk to a Doctor of Chiropractic in your area.  We recommend going to shadow a doctor for a few hours to see if you could picture yourself doing something similar.  Please keep in mind that every Chiropractor treats their patients differently, so you may be best served by shadowing several doctors. 


Once you have made the decision to attend Chiropractic School,  you need to start working towards the prerequisite courses.  These are pretty much the same for most schools, but you will want to check the website of the schools you are interested in attending.  Another difficult decision is trying to decide which school to attend.  There are many variables, but we highly recommend you giving this some serious thought.  You can start by reading our page on how to select a Chiropractic College .  

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