What information to include in Listing

You must have an Enhanced or Featured listing to include a detailed description of your practice with your listing. (Please visit this page if you would like to Upgrade your Listing).  If you have upgraded to either of these, then it is essential that you provide as much information as possible in your listing, so potential patients know exactly what you offer.  May we recommend the following things be included in your listing:

1)  Adjusting Techniques -  Many experienced patients know exactly what kind of a Technique system they like.  This doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from experiencing something new, but they may exclude you from their options if they don't think you have what they want.

2)  Describe your facilities -  Many patients view their trip to the Chiropractor as a relaxing getaway, so knowing that you have a nice, clean office can be important.

3) Insurances accepted - Unfortunately, managed care and other forms of insurance affect the patient's decision on which Chiropractor they are going to visit.  They may only come see you if you are covered by their insurance plan.  As a result, you should always list what insurance plans you accept, if any.

4) Describe your staff - Do you have a massage therapist?  An acupuncturist?  Do you co-treat with a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Osteopathy, or a Naturopath, which can prescribe medications? 

5) Directions - Even though your listing will have a link to get directions via Google Maps, some patients may not be comfortable with this feature.  It might be best to say something like, "Right across the street from the Grand Theater on Broadway Street." 

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