EFS-200 Pro (PEMF) Product Review

 EFS Video button We are always looking to find the latest innovations in natural and alternative medicine to help chiropractors staying on the cutting edge, and to learn more about what therapies they can use to increase their clinical outcomes.  ChiroHub.com is excited to be able to provide you a review on a recently upgraded PEMF style device.  Though not like traditional PEMF devices on the market that are digital output, this unique instrument is a dynamic range of frequencies that run according to each individual patient.
There are no expensive training sessions, no heavy drain on your staff, and most importantly - it can help improve your patient outomes.  As we all know, if you get people better, they are much more likely to refer friends and family.  Please watch our YouTube video of the EFS 200 chiropractic product review to see why we awarded Energetic Fitness System the official ChiroHub Seal of Approval!  ChiroHub Seal of Approval

New to the world of PEMF?  Read our informative article -  What is PEMF Therapy?

What are patients saying about the EFS 200 Pro?


Gene Bazan, Suffering from Post Polio Syndrome


“I tried numerous electro-magnetic devices, light and sound devices, and others. With one exception, I could detect no improvement in energy levels, muscle use, pain and fatigue reduction, or brain fog …The one exception was the Energetic Fitness System. My wife received one in the university lab where she tested alternative healing devices. I began using it in the summer of 2006, daily for a half hour. After three weeks, I found myself one morning having climbed a flight of stairs in our house without the usual muscle pain and fatigue attending each step! …I continue using the EFS daily…”

 John Welch - former Photon Genie user

As you know, I had a Photon Genie when I bought the EFS. After I got to using the EFS a bit I realized that I had no need for the Genie. I ended up selling the Genie for $1500 because I had no use for it. Btw, I felt like I had gotten a $1500 rebate on the EFS Pro!


Sherri Wright , After 6 years of health issues diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Stress/Depression, High blood pressure & IBS

“The more I’m able to use the EFS the better I feel which is why I am getting one so I can use it on a daily basis or as necessary. I recommend the EFS to anybody who wants to improve their energy, speed up recovery & to basically boost their overall health & immune system. I’m able to know what it feels like to have a “GREAT” day again! Friends & Family have been amazed.”


Milorad Cavic - 2009 World Champion Gold Medalist, 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, 3 time Olympian


“Using the EFS machine before and during my breaks at competitions has also helped revitalize not only my body, but also my mind. In competitive swimming, athletes tend to feel run down after one or two races, and coming off the EFS machine after my races has raised the alertness of my body and confidence in racing all over again, just better!”


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