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Just follow these easy steps:


1) Login, or create an account .


2) Go to our Used Chiropractic Supplies section.


3) Click the link on the lower right corner that reads, "Add your Listing Here"


4) Complete the form with as much detail as possible. You can also load one of your images at this time.


5) Once your ad has been approved, we will notify you via email that your listing is live.


Are you trying to sell your Used Chiropractic Supplies?  There is no better place to do this than ChiroHub.  Here are just a few reasons to place a classified ad to sell your used equipment on ChiroHub:


1) ChiroHub is specific to only the Chiropratic industry, and has  a dedicated following


2) All ads include two FREE images of your product.


3) A Strong Internet presence.  Your customers will find your ad the same way you found us - on search engines and through targeted ads.


4) Targeted audience of Chiropractors, so your ad doesn't get lost with other demographics


5) Completely search-able database by the keywords used in your listing.


6) Ads are organized geographically by state, so customers can shop for larger items like chiropractic tables that may offer local pick-up to save on shipping costs and hassles.


7) Listings can be set to expire after a certain time frame.


Contact Us

  • info atchirohub dot com
  • 208.503.3742
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