What is the ChiroHub.com Official Seal of Approval?

ChiroHub Seal ApprovalOur mission at ChiroHub.com has always been to help reveal the innovative and revolutionary breakthoughs in our field, while helping chiropractors avoid products and services that don't deserve their hard-earned cash.  

When we receive a product for review, we require at least two months of clinical use, before completing our evaluation.  Many times we actually go much longer.  This gives us time to adequately analyze a product/service to see if it is worthy of your money, and our approval.  Only those products meeting the highest standards receive the Official ChiroHub.com Seal of Approval.  

The following categories help us in determining our rating:

1)  Durability

2) User-friendliness

3) Efficacy

4) Cost/Profit analysis

5) General appeal and cosmetics

6) Documentation and Training

Watch carefully in our Chiropractic Product Review articles and videos to see which chiropractic products stand out from the rest.  

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