Writing good Marketing Headlines

The use of a good headline is highly underrated. All of your advertising should include a headline that really grabs the reader. It has been said that, “the headline is an ad for the ad.” This is absolutely true. If you don’t have a good headline, then how can you expect people to read the rest of the ad?

So, how do you create a good headline? The first thing we recommend you do is start a file for ALL the good headlines you find. It doesn’t matter if the ad comes from another industry. What matters is that you felt something draw you in when you read it. If that is the case, then rip it out, or write it down, and save it in your folder of Great Headlines.

Any good headline should identify the target audience in one way or another. If you are talking to pregnant women, say it! If you want to target construction workers, say that!

You will also want to use some proven words in your headline - Free, New, Because, Now, Guaranteed, etc… Remember, the point of the headline is to get the readers attention - nothing else.

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