How to get a FREE Enhanced Listing in our Chiropractic Directory

Since one of our primary goals is to get user interaction on our site, we want to encourage this by offering your first year of an Enhanced Listing Upgrade for FREE when you help improve ChiroHub. This is a $29.99 value, and it is a great way to help make your listing stand out from the competition. An Enhanced Listing includes all of the following:

1) One full-color image of you or your practice

2) A full description of your practice (max 250 words; subject to approval)

3) A direct link from ChiroHub to your clinic’s website

In order to qualify for this FREE Enhanced Listing, you only need to earn a total of 3 ChiroHub Points. These points can be earned in several ways:

A) Place a link from your site to ChiroHub = 1 point

B) Write a review in our Chiropractic Product Reviews section = 1 point for each review. [These reviews must be at least 100 words, and you must have had real experience with the product or service about which you are writing.]

C) Mention ChiroHub in a post and put a link to our Home page on your State Chiropractor’s List Serve discussion forum. = 2 points

D) Submit an article to the ChiroHub Blog = 3 points [Your article must be at least 500 words in length (this is only the body text). You must cite all of your sources, and we require a minimum of two citations per article. The topic of your article must be PRE-approved by our staff. We try to be very fair and open minded about the content, but we do require this as part of the submission process. If you have already developed articles to give out to your patients, then this is a quick way to leverage those articles for quality advertising.

Example topics might include: headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sports injuries, pediatric care, chiropractic product reviews, marketing strategies, practice building strategies, clinical research, how-to articles, Peer-reviewed Journal submission guidelines, etc… Please email us today with your ideas.]

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