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Many Chiropractors use nutritional supplements to help their patients achieve health and wellness faster and more long term. As you may already by aware, ChiroHub offers Chiropractic Product Reviews for Nutritional Supplements offered by companies that sell exclusively to Health Care Professionals (HCP's). We are getting an increased demand for specific details about the plethora of nutritional supplements that each company offers. In order to help users find as much consumer information on one site as possible, we are currently loading product catalogs from various Supplement Companies. If you don't see the products of your preferred company listed, please contact them to have them submit their information to ChiroHub. If you're a Supplement Company, we strongly encourage you to make sure that your products are listed, images are associated with each listing, and your information is current. To make loading your catalog on ChiroHub easier, we are providing this EXAMPLE SPREADSHEET to show you the format required for upload on ChiroHub. Once you've put your catalog in the appropriate spreadsheet format, you can email it to us. We will then send you a product copyright license agreement that enables us to use the associated images. Once you send us the spreadsheet, we will take care of the rest. Several companies have already taking advantage of this feature on ChiroHub - check out the listings for Integrative Therapeutics to see the difference loading your catalog makes.

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