Prologel Chiropractic Product Review

PrologelMax_VitD We are very excited to bring you a review on a cutting edge treatment developed by a pro-chiropractic anesthesiologist out of California called Prolophoresis.  The product is Prologel, and it combines Dr. Howard Rosen's knowledge of prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, anesthesiology, and biochemistry. Those chiropractors that already know about prolotherapy and neural prolotherapy will be excited to find out that this modality is delivered via ultrasound, iontophoresis, or topically. That means scope of practice laws preventing injection become a nonissue. Most states allow chiropractors to use ultrasound and iontophoresis, and since this gel does not contain any pharmaceutical agents, it is both safe and within the scope of practice for chiropractors.
Since the injections given in neural prolotherapy are rather superficial, it was hypothesized by Dr. Rosen that he could use ultrasound or iontophoresis to help push his gel into the subcutaneous tissue. This is thought to act directly on group C nerve fibers, which are responsible for long-term nociception.  The ingredients in Prologel help to soothe pain associated with these nerve endings, as opposed to the counter-irritant model used by most topical analgesics. has been impressed by this product. Though our clinical testing has been brief, we have seen good results with plantar fasciitis, and knee pain.  We also like the fact that Prologel doesn't have a strong odor, nor does it cause discoloration of clothing or skin.  The consumer price for just over an ounce is almost $40 (practitioners get a substantial discount).  However, each treatment only requires a small amount of gel, so this should last you longer than most other creams.  In addition, price reductions are expected as mass production progresses.

Overall, this is a very exciting product, which allows chiropractors to enter the field of proliferative therapies with less risk and less invasive procedures. We encourage you to get a bottle to try for your patients, and to contact us about upcoming trainings on Prolophoresis!

Hematoma Before Prologel Tx
Hematoma After Prologel Tx
hematoma_before hematoma_after


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