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We are excited to bring you another Chiropractic Product Review from, the leading product review site for chiropractors and alternative healthcare professionals. Our team has been putting Vestopia’s “Mom’s Utility Vest” to the test, a practical vest designed by a mom for moms (although we think many others could benefit from these as well). In a nutshell, Vestopia provides an ergonomic option for busy moms to carry all of their baby gear, anything from bottles, snacks, diapers to an EpiPen (yes, the vests even come standard with 2 insulated pockets). No more carrying a heavy diaper bag or purse for all of your belongings. Not only is this a major annoyance when you have other items to carry like groceries or shopping bags, but carrying a one-strap diaper bag has also been shown to be tough on your alignment, furthering any muscle hypertonicity in the upper trap. This asymmetry can lead to muscle tension and headaches. Neck and back pain can emerge just from the continual wear and tear of day-to-day poor choices, such as carrying a heavy diaper bag on one shoulder (and often it is carried on the same shoulder, worsening any possible conditions).

We have reviewed the Vestopia product throughout day-to-day excursions and have found it to be a useful tool, especially for Moms, but even for anyone who wants to get rid of their purse (or man’s bag) to be more ergonomic. We particularly liked how many pockets there were to hold keys, wallet, snacks, bottle, diapers, toys, and even an iPad fit in the back zipper pocket. Our patient panel felt ready to take on the day and prepared for any need from children, themselves, or even a fellow shopper down the aisle of the grocery store. The useful pockets free up your hands to allow better multi-tasking – a job all too common for Moms. We liked how there was no bag to worry about when chasing a toddler down the shoe aisle or while carrying groceries in from the car. And although this product was not tested while traveling through an airport, we are looking forward to take it there on our next excursion because of its many hands-free benefits (and it even has a secure pockets on the inside especially designed for a passport or other important documents, wallet and keys).

Even more important than the useful pockets and compartments, we enjoyed the ergonomics of this product. Oftentimes, diaper bags produce an uneven gait and posture, thus exacerbating a current back or neck issue, or even instigating a new alignment problem with resulting pain. The vest even has a pocket in the low back area where patients can put a small pillow or shirt for lumbar support while sitting so even if you weren’t interested in the other features of Vestopia, this feature alone makes it worth the purchase, especially for those suffering from low back pain. And the way you can evenly distribute your keys, phone, wallet, and other items that can otherwise unevenly weigh you down in a purse, makes for such even distribution that you hardly even notice you’re carrying anything – even heavier items like a filled bottle or an iPad. After wearing the unit for a few weeks, you develop a system to remember where everything goes, so you don’t spend precious time searching the many pockets.

The only aspects of Vestopia we did not like were that it did become a little bulky (depending on what/how much you put in the pockets) and it got a little warm on a very hot day (this could have been because those testing it were also chasing around toddlers). The fabric is cotton-nylon, breathable, washable and strong and for all but the hottest of days it’s very wearable and comfortable. (In cooler weather of course, just don layers.) If one were to utilize all the available pockets to the maximum possible, it could become a bit of an obstacle to carry around, rather than the luxury it is intended to be. Overall, this product is definitely one that you can suggest to your patients. For these reasons, the Vestopia Mom’s Utility Vest gets our ChiroHub seal of approval. We would highly recommend it to the busy mom, the standard shopper needing a few extra hands, and anyone suffering from low back pain needing lumbar support. For more information and to order this product, check it out at

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