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Nuvaply package review We all know that every chiropractic table gets a lot of wear and tear, and many start to really show it. Cracks, rips, and holes in your table aren’t a welcome sight; however, when your patient realizes you expect them to lie down on that same surface to get relief. Here comes Nuvaply Tear Care patches to save your table and your reputation as well. Made from a durable, high grade proprietary vinyl, Nuvaply patches are designed in a variety of colors as well as patterns so you can repair any damage to your table in a quick and cost-effective way.
A few things we like about Nuvaply patches is that they obviously look more professional than some of the self repair jobs we’ve seen consisting of duct tape or super glue or even lower quality repair kits. We also appreciate that we don’t have to take our table anywhere to have it repaired, thus decreasing any clinic downtime. Time is money, so this cost savings alone warrants consideration. At just under $40, the Nuvaply patch system will add years of life to your table at a fraction of the price and also seems very durable. After over a month of testing the product, we have found that the patch looks in the same new condition it did when we first put it on. You can feel confident when you use these products that the patch is durable and will withstand the everyday wear and tear of a busy practice. Nuvaply product review
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One thing we did not like about the patches was the patterned option. We wanted our patch job to blend in, not stand out. Nuvaply does offer a few solid colors (black, grey, & blue) but we would like to see a more expansive color palate to match the wide array of vinyl colors you see in tables. With your main patch though, Nuvaply does provide accent patches so you can attempt to make the patch look like it’s an intentional patterned part of the table. Another feature that they recently rolled out, is that you can make your logo into a patch – again making it look like it was meant to be there and not that it’s a patch job over a crack or tear.   Overall, a patch is still a patch and it definitely can’t beat a new reupholster job or brand new table, but we find the Nuvaply Tear Care patches to be an economical, quick, and professional-looking way to repair a tear, crack, or hole. To find out more information go to

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