Vielight intranasal red light review by ChiroHub

A breakthrough in light therapy has arrived!

vielight 633 red light
Chiropractors are increasingly familiar with the benefits and power of light therapies.  In fact, LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), or Cold Laser, has been around for several years, and has found its way into many chiropractic clinics.  However, there is still a lot of contention about which devices are best, mostly centering around the tech specs of wavelength and power.  Currently, the Vielight comes in a 633nm, 655nm, and 810nm model.  I think we can all agree - red light therapies are here to stay, and they have a lot of promise for impacting the health of our patients. 

The unique attribute that Vielight brings to the table is its intranasal delivery.  This is one of those times where you ask yourself, "why didn't I think of that"?  Direct access to the capillary beds via the mucous membranes is obviously going to provide superior delivery of the energy from the light.  In addition, the proximity to the brain is a "no-brainer".  While research is still fairly new, it does appear that these light therapies may be able to help many of the age-related neurological disorders, so this seems like a real cause for hope in some of the stubborn conditions we face as chiropractors.  

OK, so the idea to access the circulation via the nose is brilliant, but what else makes these devices appealing?   There are several key points we really appreciated about the Vielight devices:

1)  Cost - they are able to keep the cost reasonable - so much so, that these are even accessible to many of your patients.  While many "cold laser" companies are charging tens of thousands of dollars for their proprietary machines, Vielight has kept their pricing fair and consistent at just a couple Benjamins.  Now, it is fair to say that there are less lights/LED's and hardware involved in these units, but we still feel warm and fuzzy knowing we can offer these to a wide array of patients.  

vielight light nose
2) Ease of use -  Clinicians are busy, so we need devices that have simple setup.  You could incorporate these into other treatment protocols, rent them out to patients, or just refer them for a purchase.  They come with an automatic timer, so they won't drain the battery, and a beep to notify you that the treatment is completed. Just clip it to your nose, push the button, and watch your nose light up like Rudolph.  

3) Durability - while these are small and fairly delicate devices, they seem to hold up really well.  They have an intuitive design, and only require one double AA battery - a nice feature, since many rechargeable units have batteries that aren't replaceable.  We left our units idle for several weeks, and when we fired them back up, they didn't skip a beat. 

Of course nothing is perfect, and our goal here at ChiroHub is to always find ways to improve upon the innovative products we improve.  Many companies have taken our recommendations to heart and updated their products to a new and improved model.  We feel honored by that.  So, what do we think you'll complain about with Vielight intranasal red lights?

1) You're not going to become a millionaire by selling or promoting these devices.  While many chiropractors are looking for additional revenue streams in their clinic, this will not be a major source.  Rather, we think it will set you apart, and it should enhance your outcomes, which means more happy patients and referrals.  

2) We had a few patients gripe about the nose piece being uncomfortable.  While it isn't terrible, they were definitely happy to pull it off when the treatment session concluded.  

3) We'd love to see one device that let you switch between different light sources/wavelengths.  This would allow patients the opportunity to target different conditions.  

ChiroHub Seal Approval 01
All in all, we think the Vielight deserves the ChiroHub Seal of Approval for its innovative design, safety, and accessibility.  We really encourage you to look into red light therapies and how they can improve patient outcomes.  Stay ahead of this curve, because its future is bright ;)  


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