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Are you as confused about all the chiropractic Techniques as we once were? We want to help you by providing this extensive database of ratings and reviews for various Chiropractic Techniques. Our list is always growing, so feel free to suggest any new categories. Please help contribute to our research by writing a review for any Technique that you may have experience with using or attending seminars for. This will help patients decide if they want to visit a chiropractor who practices a certain Technique, and it will also guide practitioners as they try to decide which Technique systems to utilize in their practice.


Whenever possible, we have tried to use descriptions directly from the origin of the Technique, so please don't mistake it for our sales pitch, we just wanted you to hear it from the horse's mouth.


If you would like to view ratings and reviews about seminars for specifc Chiropractic Techniques, please visit our Seminar Ratings page.


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Cervical and lumbar spinal novel treatment – "Traction in Motion" Meditrac's Traction on the Move™ integrates a portable cervical or lumbar spine traction unit with an innovative physical therapy program. The combination of treatments with the wearabl ...

Trigenics Technique

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Founder's Description: "Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is a sensorimotor energetic restoration system. Trigenics® incorporates a neurologically-based, multimodal methodology for local or full-body assessment and treatment.  Simply put, it r ...

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Tupler Technique

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Developed primarily for treatment of diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) in post partum women, but can help with both males and females that have developed a "pooch" in their abdominal region.


Zone Therapy

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