Frequency Specific Microcurrent Video Review


 ChiroHub Seal of Approval  We have completed another video review of an exciting therapy known as Frequency Specific Microcurrent  (FSM).  This treatment system and device open up a lot of new doors for chiropractors.  Imagine being able to treat nerve pain like shingles in just 2-3 days!  We were so impressed with this system that we have given it the official ChiroHub seal of approval.
Please check out our YouTube video and see why we think Frequency Specific Microcurrent is such a great tool for your practice.  We show a LIVE demo of the product along with a thorough analysis of what you want to know before you buy.  ChiroHub YouTube Channel

In summary, here are some of the pros and cons of using Frequency Specific Microcurrent in your practice:


-It is proven to increase ATP production, decrease pain, and target specific tissues

-Providing FSM in your practice sets you apart from the competition

-Get diagnostic clues about what is going on with the patient

-Receive referrals from the medical community for an evidence-based therapy

-Increase passive income in your practice

-Excellent support and training

-Great professional community

-Active online forum to ask questions


-If you are a busy (high volume) clinic, then you will find the Precision care too time intensive.  You will need to have the custom care, which will limit your flexibility, but will still do a great job on the specific conditions you are targeting.

-Some of the device features are a bit cumbersome, but no deal breakers. 

-We would like to see a back-lit display on the next model for use in darker rooms or med-spa setting.


For more info, please visit the Frequency Specific Microcurrent Website.

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