Review of the Professional LxH Model by Dynamic Disc Designs

is pleased to bring you a review on the Professional LxH model by Dynamic Disc Designs. In our mind, this unit changes the world of anatomical models. We were all exposed to a wide variety of quality in models during chiropractic school, but the detail and accuracy offered by this particular device is unparalleled. This model can serve as a great learning opportunity for both patients and practitioners. If you completed part 3 boards more than a year ago, there is a good chance you could use a review on the anatomy that you interact with and manipulate repeatedly on a daily basis. Nearly every spinal condition encountered in clinical practice can be explained and demonstrated in detail using this model by Dynamic Disc Designs.


Accuracy =10

We have never seen, and we have definitely looked, a more detailed and accurate model of the lumbar vertebrae and disc complex. These units are extremely well thought out, and represent the latest in our understanding of the anatomy of lumbar discs, facet joints, nerves, and vertebrae. The user can easily identify the cauda equina, dorsal root ganglia, nerve roots, nucleus pulposus, annular fissures, and more. During our two months of clinical testing with real patients, we never had an instance where we desired to showcase an anatomical structure and were unable to do so.

User Friendliness = 9

While anatomical models are pretty straightforward in the user-friendliness arena, we do want our users to understand the complexity of this particular model. It does require some care in keeping it clean, and ensuring the ongoing use of the gelatinous structure representing the disc herniation. The other lacking feature is a proper stand or mount. The model looks wonderful, but it would be nice to see a stand with photographic labels, as seen on some anatomical models.  Overall, these are minor qualms we have, as the unit is very clearly designed and easy to use when explaining structures to patients.  

Value = 10

We believe this model is a no-brainer purchase. It is beautifully designed , accurate , user-friendly , and professional grade. The quality is impressive to patients, and the ability to demonstrate and describe flexion and extension loads on a disc herniation makes a huge impact on patient compliance.  Sure, you could go get a Mr. Thrifty skeleton for less, but you'll find yourself wishing you could actually show what happens to a patient's disc when they lift improperly.

Durability = 8.5

While we have only had the professional model for a couple months, we must say there are a few areas of concern for durability. The first is the delicacy of the actual disc herniation. This can be protected and maintained by proper use, but must be done so carefully. The second issue is the paint on the facet joints, which have already started to show a small sign of wear and chipping.  While this can mimic normal degenerative changes, it does affect appearance.  All other components of the model seem extremely well built and sturdy, so we truly believe this item will last many years in a clinical setting.  

Bottom Line Score = 9.5

ChiroHub Seal Approval 01
This is a great anatomical model by Dynamic Disc Designs.  We highly recommend you learn more about it. For more information, please view their LxH model demo video, or visit the Dynamic Disc website.  This awesome product has passed all of our tests and impressed us across the board.  We feel very confident in awarding the Dynamic Disc Model the Official ChiroHub Seal of Approval.  

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