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Comparing Chiropractic Directories

When deciding which site you're going to use, or which Chiropractic Directory you want to spend your precious marketing dollars on, it's important to understand the differences between the various directories. As you know, ChiroHub is very dedicated to keeping the consumer informed. With that mission in mind, we have started to develop a comparison chart of the Chiropractic Directories that we find on the internet. If you think we are selecting criteria just to make our site look the best, then we invite you to suggest different criteria. One thing that we can't really quantify is the user-friendliness of the Chiropractic Directory, but we think you'll easily be able to determine what you like best by spending a few minutes on each site. The chart below works as follows: The first three columns show the amount of Chiropractors listed in each of the top 3 cities in the United States. The other columns indicate additional features found on the site to make it a more robust user experience. Image You can clearly see that there are only a few directories out there that have a substantial amount of Chiropractors listed. Some may argue that a directory with only a few other DC's listed would effectively eliminate the competition. However, you should ask yourself, which directory is the general public (i.e. potential patients) more likely to use? A site that has only a handful of listings for a major city, or a directory that lists every known doctor in the area? Further, when that database offers user feedback and reviews, the public becomes even more informed. We think the decision is clear!

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