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The following are articles dedicated to the analysis of various chiropractic products done by the ChiroHub team.  If you are a manufacturer and would like to see your product reviewed by our team, please read the following article on Product Submission . Looking for our entire databse of reviews?  Visit our Chiropractic Product Review Directory

What is the Official Seal of Approval?

ChiroHub Seal ApprovalOur mission at has always been to help reveal the innovative and revolutionary breakthoughs in our field, while helping chiropractors avoid products and services that don't deserve their hard-earned cash.  

When we receive a product for review, we require at least two months of clinical use, before completing our evaluation.  Many times we actually go much longer.  This gives us time to adequately analyze a product/service to see if it is worthy of your money, and our approval.  Only those products meeting the highest standards receive the Official Seal of Approval.  

The following categories help us in determining our rating:

1)  Durability

2) User-friendliness

3) Efficacy

4) Cost/Profit analysis

5) General appeal and cosmetics

6) Documentation and Training

Watch carefully in our Chiropractic Product Review articles and videos to see which chiropractic products stand out from the rest.  

PEMF-120 Product Review by ChiroHub

PEMF-120 Seal ApprovalWe are excited to announce the publication of our latest ChiroHub Video Product Review.  The PEMF-120 has exceded our expectations and become the most recent recipient of the coveted ChiroHub Seal of Approval.   This award is given to products and services that we feel have the potential to elevate the level of care rendered in your chiropractic office to a whole new level.  

Check out our YouTube video to learn more about why the PEMF-120 is such a powerful device. 

PEMF-120 YouTube Screenshot

 PEMF offers the following therapeutic effects:

- Increased circulation

- Pain reduction

- Speeds up healing time

- Heals fractures

- Increases ATP production in cells

- Helps address emotional issues like depression/anxiety

- and much more...  


The PEMF-120 is a high output device offering a maximum intensity of 20,000 gauss (2 Tesla)!  This means you will see dramatic results in your patient outcomes in a short amount of time.  The pulse rate varies from <1 to 50 pulses per second.  

For more information on PEMF technology and the PEMF-120, please visit Dr. Pawluk's website.  


NuBax Trio Video product review

ChiroHub is pleased to announce the release of its latest product review video of the NuBax Trio.  Take a look!

NuBax Video thumb


Charm EHR Product Review

Today on ChiroHub we will be reviewing one of the many electronic health record systems available. The system is call Charm EHR. Many chiropractic clinics have switched over from paper to electronic records in the last 5-10 years. In fact, insurance companies in some states have penalized clinics that can't bill electronically. So, it has become more necessary for chiropractic clinics to explore the world of electronic health records. We believe the jury is still out regarding how much the systems actually enhance patient care and communication between clinics and doctors, especially in a solo clinic setting. Most of the systems used by DC’s are chiropractic specific, but we have chosen to explore a system that is fully customizable and allows for a multidisciplinary clinic, as well as inventory management for supplements and medical supplies.

Charm Logo 


COST (9/10) - While this system is not free, no decent system worth your time is free. The only ones that are tend to buy and sell user information patient demographics to large corporations. That being said, we think the cost for Charm EHR is very reasonable. Charm EHR charges based on the number of encounters, so it is very cost-effective for new clinics, or solo practitioners. Last time we checked, the charge is about $.50 per patient encounter. We felt this was a reasonable and fair fee for the system, and it allows you to grow with the system.

User-Friendliness (6/10) - Charm EHR definitely requires a lot more navigation and clicking of the mouse than most systems. Even though you are able to completely customize your templates, we found that there is an enormous amount of mouse clicking required. Some simple steps require even two or three clicks, so there is definitely some redundancy. One of the disadvantages of Charm for a chiropractic clinic is that the flexibility requires time and effort, and there are no streamlined steps typical chiropractic therapies and procedures like subluxations and physiotherapy modalities.

Accessibility (7.5/10) - We love that Charm EHR is web-based. While there is not an Android or iOS app for the system, it does work fairly well on tablets and smart phones. We found that the website works fairly well on mobile devices, with the exception of the calendar.   Even when you zoom in on a calendar, clicking to make an appointment on a mobile device will almost always put the appointment in the wrong slot, so we really had to be careful about scheduling patients using mobile devices.

Support (6/10) - Support for Charm EHR is really hit and miss. The phone support is very limited, and there is no quality online chat. We did get some help via email, but even that was intermittent. As for new features and bug fixes, those are also rather slow to be implemented. We have been bugging them for 6+ mos to improve their reporting/billing section of the Practice Management portion (see complaints below), but we have seen only minor changes.

Features (7/10) - Charm does pretty well in terms of features, but it is lacking a few major ones. We really like the text messaging system for patients, and we found that we got really good feedback from patients about it – just make sure to always put their number in the “mobile” phone section in demographics. One of our complaints about features is that they don’t have different colors for various appointment types. That means if you have a massage, new patient, existing patient, x-ray appt, etc…, you can’t tell without clicking on the name of the patient. The nice thing about the calendar itself is that you can switch between day/week/month views, and you can drag the duration of an appointment. It would be nice to be able to drag the entire appointment without having to hit “reschedule”, but we understand the limits of web browsers in that case.

Reporting/Financials (4/10) – This section is where Charm really falls behind the pack. Our biggest frustrations come from the reports/financials/billing area of the Practice Management portion of the software. Your Office Manager or Biller will suffer multiple concussions from banging his/her head against the wall in frustration with the billing portion. To start, there is NO LEDGER in this system. That means you have to click line by line at the invoices, and scroll through various tabs to see insurance vs payments at time of service vs supplements, etc…  Click on these screenshots for a better view.

CHARM EHR Screenshots

Invoices pg Charm_EHR_claim

Compare the cumbersome billing function of Charm (pictured above) with the ledger system in most EHR's, and you will see the potential frustration.  Here is a much cleaner version of a ledger from Future Health EHR:

Future Health Ledger Example

Of all the EHR systems we’ve tried, this one had the most cumbersome billing/reporting section. For those really interested in customized and accurate reports, we recommend Kareo EHR.   We have made Charm aware of this problem, but have only seen minor improvements to the system in our year of use. For some small clinics this may be an inconsequential consideration, but those trying to optimize clinic performance and productivity might find this to be a deal breaker.

Qualifies for Federal EHR reimbursement: Yes.

ICD-10 Ready? TBD

FINAL ChiroHub SCORE: 6.5/10

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Video Review


 ChiroHub Seal of Approval  We have completed another video review of an exciting therapy known as Frequency Specific Microcurrent  (FSM).  This treatment system and device open up a lot of new doors for chiropractors.  Imagine being able to treat nerve pain like shingles in just 2-3 days!  We were so impressed with this system that we have given it the official ChiroHub seal of approval.
Please check out our YouTube video and see why we think Frequency Specific Microcurrent is such a great tool for your practice.  We show a LIVE demo of the product along with a thorough analysis of what you want to know before you buy.  ChiroHub YouTube Channel

In summary, here are some of the pros and cons of using Frequency Specific Microcurrent in your practice:


-It is proven to increase ATP production, decrease pain, and target specific tissues

-Providing FSM in your practice sets you apart from the competition

-Get diagnostic clues about what is going on with the patient

-Receive referrals from the medical community for an evidence-based therapy

-Increase passive income in your practice

-Excellent support and training

-Great professional community

-Active online forum to ask questions


-If you are a busy (high volume) clinic, then you will find the Precision care too time intensive.  You will need to have the custom care, which will limit your flexibility, but will still do a great job on the specific conditions you are targeting.

-Some of the device features are a bit cumbersome, but no deal breakers. 

-We would like to see a back-lit display on the next model for use in darker rooms or med-spa setting.


For more info, please visit the Frequency Specific Microcurrent Website.

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